Commercial Partnerships

We have so-called affiliate partnerships with many of the listed online stores. We try not to let this influence how we write information about each store. The information should be true and useful whether we have a commercial collaboration with the store or not.

However, the rankings of what stores show first in the best positions are influenced by whether we do have a collaboration with the stores or not. We do try to make the order of the stores useful anyways and we do not list crappy stores first just because we’ve got a partnership with them.

These affiliate partnerships work so that we get paid for sending new customers to these stores. As we do only get paid when sales happen it is in our best interest to rank the best stores that customers actually want to buy from in the best positions. This enables us not to have to place any intrusive or irrelevant ads on Ostorei at all. You can read more about Ostorei here.

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