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Shop fashion jewelry and fine jewelry at the Baublebar site, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. You can also find accessories such as hair accessories, phone cases, pouches, and bags at this store.

Fashion and Fine Jewelry

Some of the jewelry you can buy at Baublebar is made of solid gold, but you can also find jewelry made from other metals. There are many different jewelry pieces to choose from such as heart earrings, hoops, ear cuffs, personalized necklaces, and bands.

Products in the fashion jewelry category start at $18. Most pieces are between $30 and $40 though.

The fine jewelry starts at $42 for some solid gold earrings and going up to $495 for the most expensive diamond ring.

Custom Jewelry, Bags, Phone Cases

Personalized, Jewelry, Bracelets
You can personalize your jewelry with your own custom texts at Baublebar.

There’s a category called make it your own, here you can design your own jewelry, phone cases, pouches, bags, and hair clips. To create your personalized products you choose the product you’re interested in and then you choose what custom text you would like to add. You can add letters, symbols, and numbers.

The custom phone cases are about $80 while much of the custom jewelry costs about $40. The fine custom fine jewelry is $158 to $295.

Gift Section

The gift section at Baublebar consists of their selection of custom phone cases and custom jewelry.

What to Wear?

Make it easier to find inspiration for what to wear by checking out what to wear category. Here you can find tips for what to wear on your next vacation, at a wedding or just on a normal day.

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