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At Best Buy you can buy all kinds of electronics like appliances, TVs, computers (including gaming computers), cell phones, tablets, and much more.

I believe this is the most popular online electronics store in the USA closely followed by Newegg. Of course, Amazon is more popular though but they sell all kinds of products.

Besides the main online store for the USA, they’ve also got versions of the store for Canada and Mexico. You should be able to select your country when visiting unless it just automatically detects it. It is the US version I write about here

Top Brands

You’ll find most of the world’s most popular electronics brands at this online store. This includes Apple, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, and intel. You can shop by brand which is a bit interesting for those of us that have a favorite electronics brand.

A lot of stores have their own sections for Apple products, but Best Buy has taken it one step further and created brand pages for Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, Intel, and many more top brands as well.

The Selection of Refrigerators

products, electronics, Tvs
The main categories at the Best Buy online store.

The uppermost category in the main menu at this store is for appliances. They’ve got major kitchen appliances like a huge selection of refrigerators with over 1,200 different models.

This includes over 700 with ice makers, about 40 french door refrigerators, 250 counter depth refrigerators, 110 Samsung refrigerators.

You can also do some bargains here as there are close to 200 refrigerators that are on sale with discounts, including several by Samsung.

So if you are looking for cheap refrigerators this is a great place to check for discounts and many affordable models thanks to their overall great product selection.

You can also find lots of high-end luxury appliances here. In fact, they’ve got a dedicated section for luxury appliances. This section is packed with close to 6,000 products. This includes close to 500 refrigerators and about 1,500 luxury ranges.

Lots of Other Appliances Also

You can also buy other major appliances like dishwashers, ranges, cooktops, wall ovens, range hoods, microwaves, freezers, and ice makers at Best Buy.

In addition to all kinds of small kitchen appliances like coffee & tea appliances, mixers, blenders & juicers, bar & wine appliances, mini-fridges, toaster & pizza ovens, air fryers, deep fryers, and pressure cookers.

Huge Selection of TVs

About 350 TVs for sales, with over 260 4K UHD TVs, about 20 8K TVs and 20 OLED TVs. Including large selections of TVs by top brands like about 100 Samsung TVs, and 50 LG TVs.

If you’re looking to spend as little as possible for your new TV you can set the price filter at for instance max $200. At the moment there are 44 pretty cheap TVs costing $200 or less with prices starting at just $100. The cheapest full HD 1080p smart TV is $140 and the cheapest Samsung 4K UHD TV is about $270.

Lots of Digital Cameras and Accessories

Best Buy digital cameras
Large selection of cameras by top brands like Canon, Nikon, Lumix, Sony, and more.

Best Buy is also a top camera store with lots of different products. You can find about 60 DSLR cameras here priced from $400 to $6,500. Mostly Canon and Nikon cameras. Close to 100 mirrorless cameras priced between $450 and $4,600. The most expensive mirrorless cameras here are Lumix, Sony, and Nikon cameras.

The point-and-shoot category also counts about 100 different cameras with the cheapest ones being cameras for kids priced at just $40. This category also houses their polaroid cameras. The cheapest one is $70 at the moment and several models costing ~$100.

You will find cameras that can shoot video in 4K resolutions in all of the 3 camera categories as well as in their camcorder and action camera categories The cheapest one is found in the point-and-shoot category and costs just $200.

Drones and 3D Printers

You’ll find the category with the drones at the bottom of the navigation menu. You can choose between toy drones or camera drones. The selection of camera drones counts 33 items and includes models by top brands like DJI, Ryze, and Parrot. You’ll also find some underwater drones here.

The cheapest camera drones at Best Buy costs $72 (on sale). This item has gotten a good 4/5 score based on over 100 customer reviews. The slightly more expensive drone by Ryze costs $100 and has gotten even better customer ratings though. The Ryze drone can shoot 720p HD video.

As for 3D printers, this store does not offer any, yet.

Other Electronics

You’ll find all kinds of other electronics here as well.

Special Deals with Discounts

Check out the latest deals at Best Buy under Deals, including Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Student Deals, Member Offers, and more.

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