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You'll find a small selection of drumsets at Kmart for both kids and adults that range in price from $$22 to $90.

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Huge online store with low prices

You'll find a cheap kid's starter drum set for just over $30 here, but the more professional looking sets are closer to $100. More advanced drum sets for adults start at just over $300. Their best-selling electronic drum sets are also about $300 and the cheapest ones are under $50.

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Target has a large collection of musical instruments, including drumsets and percussion instruments from brands like Pearl, Vic, and Percussion Plus. Drums and drumsets range from $128 to $1,000, including 16 items that cost $500 or less.

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A large selection of drum sets with over 420 drum sets different ones, in addition to about 130 electronic drum sets. There are highly rated cheap electronic drum sets costing between $40 and $60 and regular drum sets costing just $80 and $90.

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