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Tons of handmade and vintage products

There's a lot of cheap his and hers wedding rings with nice designs at Etsy. Over 25,000 different ones priced below $50, including 1,200 gold rings, 500 rose gold rings and 300 white gold rings.

FREE shipping: On some items. Pay with: Credit & Debit Cards, Gift Cards, PayPal.
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Huge online store with low prices

You can buy cheap wedding rings here. The cheapest ones start at less than $10. The cheapest personalized one costs $35. The cheapest yellow or rose gold plated rings for her are just over $20 and the cheapest yellow gold plated rings for him are just $10.

FREE shipping: Over $35. Pay with: Affirm, Chase Pay, Credit & Debit Cards, PayPal.
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The most popular online shopping site in the USA

Look for the category Jewelry & Engagement under Jewelry. You can find almost 300 engagement rings, about 300 women's wedding rings, and over 500 men's wedding rings priced at less than $50 here. The cheapest rings are under $10.

FREE shipping: Over $25. Pay with: Credit & Debit Cards.