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One of the biggest shopping destinations on the internet, eBay is an online marketplace where you can sell and buy pretty much anything, such as shoes, clothes, collectibles, books, art, and jewelry. Since a good deal of eBay’s sales is person to person, there is no limit to the variety of goods on offer.

Shopping and Auctioning

At this shopping and auction site, anyone can sign up to sell or buy new or second-hand products. If you are only interested in being a customer it’s free to sign up.

When selling on eBay there’s a listing fee, which depends on the price of your products and how long you list the products for.

When selling an item as part of an auction, the item is only worth what someone is willing to bid. There’s also an option to select “buy it now”. By choosing this option you’ll get to products that are available to buy right away instead of bidding at the auction site.

How to Use eBay

Reasons to choose eBay
Some of the reasons to shop on eBay. Also, note that they’ve got a collection of gift ideas. This list currently features over 500 items priced from just a couple of dollars.

To find a product, go to categories by the search monitor at the top of the front page. After finding the desired overall category, you’ll get options on the left side where you can specify a subcategory. Then on the left again you choose the kind of product you are looking for. Now check the boxes on your left. Simply specify and filter the characteristics you are looking for in the product.

Some selections include condition (is the product “new”, “used”, “open box”, etc.), price range, and how you want to shop (“buy it now” or chance a cheaper price at “auctions”). Being specific will make it easier to get a good search result.

See the user rating of the product you are interested in by looking at the yellow stars. These are scores given to the account from previous buyers or sellers. This is a great way to get an idea of what to expect when buying from or selling to different accounts and can help boost your confidence in a seller’s integrity.

Main product categories at eBay
Main product categories at eBay

Is eBay Unique?

There are plenty of online stores to choose from. So what makes eBay different and unique from its competitors? Since eBay is open to individual sellers, there is a good chance you can find some very rare second-hand products that regular stores don’t sell anymore.

Used and even broken items and collectibles that are hard to find elsewhere and might be found on eBay. It’s a good place to search for vintage or discontinued items.

You can even buy a house or a used car on eBay.

Founded in 1995, eBay is one of the oldest internet business still operational. And it is hugely popular. Actually it is one of the most trafficked websites online today. They have years of experience in customer service and buyer/seller disputes.

Customer Service

To reach eBay regarding your issue, call the customer service phone number: +1-866-540-3229, or eBay’s technical support phone number: +1-866-961-9253. There is also an option on the website to “contact us.” After logging in, choose if you need help with a buyer’s or seller’s issue. If your issue is not a dispute, you also have the option to choose “account,” “fees and billing,” “shipping,” “returns,” and “how to resolve a problem”.

Follow the form the whole way until it provides you with a phone number or link that is relevant. You can also check if there’s a solution to your problem at the common concerns page.

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