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Gap Inc. includes over five wonderful shopping sites, mainly for apparel.

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GAP Inc. is an American worldwide clothing and accessories retailer which was founded in 1969 by Donald and Doris Fisher. The company operates six primary divisions, which are these popular shopping sites, GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Athleta, Hill City, and INTERMIX. Here you can read about the five different shopping sites. (INTERMIX has it’s own page at Ostorei).


At GAP you can shop for your whole family. There are over 3.600 products to choose from in the women’s category, including workout clothes, shoes, jeans, dresses, and accessories. In the men’s category there’s over 1.600 products, including jeans, shirts, sweaters, and polos. In the boys’ category there’s over 700 products, and there’s over 1.100 products in the girls’ category. You can also shop clothes and accessories for your toddler at GAP. To find the newest products at the site you can check out “new arrivals”. If you’d like to get a good deal when shopping you should check out the GAP Factory, where you’ll find good deals and products on sale.

Old Navy

At Old Navy you can shop for women, men, girls, boys, baby, and toddler. If you’d like to shop specifically for curvy women, you can check out Old Navy’s Women’s Plus category. Which has all the same undercategories as women, including tops, jeans, leggings, and skirts. There’s also a category for maternity clothes and accessories. Where you’ll be able to shop by trimester, and maternity starter kit.

Banana Republic

The Banana Republic has a very good selection of clothes for both women and men. The site is very inspirational and help you get ideas for new looks to shop. The Banana Republic shows clearly the importance sustainability is for them. They were founded in 1978 as one of the first (if not only) upcycle brands. They traveled the world sourcing surplus clothes to mend, modernize and make their own. At the banana republic, you can also shop on sale. Some of the pieces are exclusive for online shopping, so shopping online is a great idea.


Athleta is a great site to shop new activewear for women and girls. The site displays healthy, beautiful images and has a feel good vibe. Which is very helpful when shopping new workout clothes, or a bikini to enjoy a summer vacation. There’s also a great sales category at Athleta. Here you can shop from all the same categories as non sale. You can shop for shoes and accessories as well. When shopping for girls’ activewear from the age 6 and up you can look at the Athleta Girl category.

Hill City

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Shop amazing activewear and accessories from the Hill City site.

Hill City is a great site to shop new activewear for men and boys. At the site you’ll find a few pieces for everyday clothing as well, but there’s mostly training and activewear. It’s helpful to shop by category at Hill City, such as outdoor, city, train, other essentials. If you’d like to get inspired while shopping you can read stories from four men, how they manifested their dreams and got to where they are today.

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