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Newegg is one of the most popular online electronics stores in the USA. Their top category is computers, which includes desktops, laptops, gaming computers, and refurbished computers. Other top categories here are computer components, electronics, gaming, networking, and office solutions.

A Huge Selection of Computers

Newegg desktop computers
Lots of filters and a huge selection make Newegg one of the best online stores for computers.

If you are looking to buy a new desktop computer you should have a look at the selection here. There are over 1,000 different ones for sale here at the time of writing this. You can filter by specs, price, brand, and whether it’s new or refurbished.

Gaming desktops have their own category at Newegg and it is packed with products. If you are looking for a cheap gaming PC you could show only discounted items and maybe you’ll find a great deal. You could also set the price filter to for instance show only cheap gaming computers under $500. This filter will give you a few results.

They’ve also got a category for gaming laptops that is packed with products as well.

I would always at least do a quick Google search to check out some reviews of the GPU / graphics card of the computer before purchase. Just to make sure it can run games well. The GPU is the most important component in a gaming computer.

PC Components Selection

If you prefer to build your own PC from scratch, or just need to upgrade one of the components in your existing PC, you can get all the components you’ll need at Newegg.

Not only do they have probably whatever component you want to buy but most of the items have lots of customer reviews as well.

Unlocked Mobile Phones

When it comes to cell phones Newegg has a large selection with over 1,000 unlocked phones, both new and refurbished. If you’re out to get a cheap phone, buying a refurbished one can be smart.

You can get cheap iPhones from just $30 here. This is for a refurbished 4S model. If you spend a little more you can get a newer model.

You can also get all the latest phones from top manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, ZTE, and ASUS here. Note though that this store only sells unlocked phones, so you might find cheaper options for the newer phone models if you buy it with a data plan elsewhere.

Selection of Other Electronics

You will also find lots of tablets here. Several really cheap tablets costing less than $50, including some for kids and some with Android. Most of these have free shipping. You will also find cheap iPads here currently starting at $249 for a new iPad Mini 2 Retina. If you include refurbished the cheapest ones cost just about $65.

You will also find top the of the line Apple iPads and Samsung tablets here.

Newegg Apple products
Look for Apple under Electronics > Speciality Electronics if you’re shopping for Apple products.

When it comes to TVs also this online store has a huge selection. This includes over 600 Samsung TVs starting at $134 (on sale). The cheapest 4K UHD TV here is a VIZIO LED smart TV that just costs $200. That is a refurbished one.

Another interesting category of products here is drones. You will find this category under Hobbies & Toys. They’ve got over 400 different ones with the cheapest starting at just $20 and going up to $6,180 for the most expensive one. The most expensive one is a DJI Inspire 2 Premium Combo with a 5.2K camera. The cheapest one is supposedly a fun little one that will just fly around on itself.

Newegg sells 3D printers as well. You’ll find this category under Electronics. Most of these are shipping from China, but they’ve also got about 200 different ones shipping from the USA. The cheapest 3D printers here that are shipped from the USA start at just $170 for a refurbished one. Plenty of models cost $250 or less.

You can also buy high-end 3D printers here priced up to $6,000.

Another popular electronics category here is for cameras. You can find tons of Canon and Nikon cameras here. As well as a few cameras by other brands. Both new and refurbished.

Global Online Store

I don’t know when but Newegg has gone global collaborating with businesses worldwide. You can choose what country you want your products shipped from by selecting this in the filter on the left-hand side when browsing the store.

One of the benefits of this is that you get a bigger selection of products and some really cheap things that can ship directly from China.

There are about 20 countries to choose from at the moment.

Return Policy

Nearly all of Newegg’s offerings are covered by a full 30-day refund policy.

You’ll have to pay a restocking fee of 15% – 25% of the purchase price and return shipping fees.

One could argue that this is only fair and helps to keep the cost low for people that do not return their products after purchase.

As Newegg has opened up its shopping site for other sellers as well the return policy will vary for what they call marketplace items. They write though that “Returning a Marketplace item is similar to returning any other item”.

24/7 Live Chat Support

I love that this store has live chat support around the clock. You can also schedule a call or contact their support by text message.

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