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Get ready for Christmas at Kohl's where you will find more than 2,200 pieces of Christmas décor. Here, you'll find 670 artificial Christmas trees, 250 Christmas ornaments, 370 Christmas lights, 280 decorative accents, and 60 Christmas tree accessories.

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Tons of handmade and vintage products

When browsing the home decor category, there's a filter to only show Christmas decor. Unfortunately, a lot of what is showing up is not related to Christmas, so I'll suggest using their search function. A search for "Christmas decor" yields close to 500,000 way more relevant results.

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Target has more than 17,400 Christmas products, including 6,900 Christmas trees, 2,200 Christmas lights, 12,000 Christmas decorations, 200 Christmas sweaters, 690 Christmas cards, and 7,100 Christmas ornaments.

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