5 Top Online Stores

You can buy all sorts of guitars online. Choose from hundreds of acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitars, ukuleles, and more. Free shipping in the US is possible.

Notice: We have a commercial partnership with many of the listed online stores. Read more.
Adorama screenshot


Huge selection of electronics

At Adorama, you will find over 3,200 electric guitars, 670 acoustic-electric guitars, 390 acoustic guitars, 660 bass guitars, and lots of accessories for sale. They also sell over 100 different guitar and bass amps. You can also buy used guitars here.

FREE shipping: Yes. Pay with: Credit & Debit Cards, PayPal.
Amazon screenshot


The most popular online shopping site in the USA

Large selection of musical instruments, including over 2,000 electric guitars, 1,000 acoustic guitars, 300 electric bass guitars, 1,000 ukuleles, and 120 mandolins.

FREE shipping: Over $25. Pay with: Credit & Debit Cards.
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Apparel, home goods, appliances, and so much more

Kohl's has more than 140 guitars that are sized for both kids and adults. You'll find both acoustic and electric guitars that are customized with logos and pictures.

FREE shipping: On US orders $75. Pay with: Credit & Debit Cards, Gift Cards.
Target screenshot


Shop for clothes, home goods, groceries, and more

At Target, you'll find 8 acoustic bass guitars, 40 acoustic guitars, 50 electric bass guitars, and 17 electric guitars.

FREE shipping: On US orders over $35. Pay with: Credit & Debit Cards, Gift Cards.
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Affordable fashion, home goods, and beyond

Search Marketplace where you'll find a variety of guitars for both kids and adults. This includes 30 electric guitars, 8 acoustic guitars, and 5 bass guitars.

FREE shipping: On select Marketplace items. Pay with: Credit & Debit Cards, Gift Cards.