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At you can shop all kinds of products and necessities, including electronics, clothes, health and beauty, food, home goods, and even pharmacy products. You can also create your own gift registry and shop party supplies for all kinds of events.

Deals and REDcard

To find the best deals at Target, you can choose to look at clearance, weekly ads, or top deals. To get easy access to Target and their deals, you can download the Target app for your phone from the App Store or Google Play.

There’s also a membership card called REDcard, which will get you exclusive product discounts and 5% off when you use it at any Starbucks location.

Trending Now

Looking at “trending now” helps costumers keep track of upcoming events, sales, and holidays. It also makes it easier to find good deals on different occasions. If you’d like to see what’s currently trending, take a look at the hashtag #targetstyle. Another fun way to get inspired and discover new things is at Target finds, a shopping guide full of trends, gift ideas, and seasonal favorites.


Target Restock allows shoppers to stock up on essentials when they might not have time to actually make a trip to the store. Fill your online shopping cart with $35+ of household, healthcare, and grocery products, and place your order before 7 pm Monday-Friday. Your order will be delivered to your door the next day. At the bottom of the restock homepage, there’ll be weekly new Target restock deals.

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