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You can buy all kinds of products here at really low prices. The store is divided into different departments, including electronics, office, clothing, shoes, accessories, home, furniture, appliances, auto, tires, industrial, patio, garden, home improvement, movies, music, books, baby, toys, games, groceries like fresh food, and much more.

Each department has lots of subcategories making it easy to find the product you want to buy. Product selection is also huge for most of the categories making it one of the absolute top online stores for buying mostly anything.

Walmart departments
This huge online store has a massive selection of products at low prices.

Cheap Products

Walmart is all out cheap prices, and the uppermost category in their navigation menu is for the Savings Center. This section features discounted products and products that are otherwise great buys. Many of these products qualify for free shipping.

Cheap Electronics

At the time of writing this, the selection of electronics that are featured in the Savings Center is huge. Over 1,900 products.

This includes things like about 200 TVs starting at just $67.99 for the cheapest one. Most of these are so-called smart TVs. 130 of them are 4K Ultra HD TVs. The cheapest TVs with 4K resolutions start at just $190 (with a great discount).

The selection of pretty cheap computers is slightly smaller with about 150 products. This includes 80 laptops starting at just a little more than $100 for the cheapest ones. You can also find a few desktop computers here but not many. The selection of desktop gaming computers is larger with about 30 different products. There are also 20 gaming laptops at this store at the time of writing this. Most comes with free shipping. Many of these are pretty cheap – considering they should be able to run many games well. The average price for the best-selling gaming computers looks to be around $1,000.

Most of these have lots of reviews you can check out to see what others think of these products before making a purchasing decision.

Beyond the Savings Center

I am not really sure if I would suggest looking at the Savings Center mainly. The selection of products for the non-Savings Center sections are much larger, and can also be cheaper.

For instance, when browsing computer monitors, the cheapest one in the Savings Center is $99.99 with a total of 10 products to choose from. When instead looking at the regular category of computer monitors, the selection is huge with over a thousand products to choose from. The cheapest monitor here is just $49.99. This is a full HD refurbished Acer monitor. Most of the cheap monitors here are about $100 though. 4K monitors start at $289.

So from here, I will write about the regular product selection instead of focusing on the Savings Center.

When browsing cheap laptop computers priced between $100 and $500 you’ll discover a huge amount of different ones with the cheapest starting at just $100. However, the cheapest laptops look like they are from another era with just 1 GB and 2 GB of RAM – so I would do some research before buying any of these models.

When looking at the more expensive but still affordable laptops priced near $500 you’ll find high-quality products like Apple MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros and lots of Windows PCs.

Phones and Cameras

Walmart is both a good camera store and a cell phone store with lots of models for sale. Not only new products but also refurbished and pre-owned products as well.

Walmart popular unlocked cell phones
Here are a few of the best selling unlocked cell phones at the Walmart online store in April 2020.

There are over 1,000 unlocked cell phones to choose from, including 26 Samsung smartphones priced between $150 and $1,400. The selection of Apple iPhones is huge with over 1,000 unlocked phones priced between $43 and $860. Looks like they don’t sell the flagship iPhones unlocked. Many of these phones are sold by other sellers on the Walmart shopping site instead of by Walmart themselves.

They also have individual sections for phones with plans, and here you can find over 700 different products at the time of writing this, including the flagship iPhones. They’ve got offers by multiple carriers including over 500 phones with AT&T plans, and about 30 with Verizon plans.

When it comes to cameras the selection is also huge. The DSLR category features of 1,000 items. This includes 200 Canon cameras, over 600 Nikon cameras, a few Sony cameras, and over 1,000 lenses as well. Lots of Nikon, Canon, Sony, Tamron, and Sigma lenses. You can also buy mirrorless, point-and-shoot cameras, camcorders, polaroid instant cameras, and accessories here.

They also sell cheap cameras. The cheapest DSLR cameras are some Canon models that start at just under $300. The cheapest cameras you can buy here though are some point-and-shoot digital cameras starting at just under $40 and $50.

When it comes to cameras that can shoot video in 4K UHD resolution the cheapest one is just under $50 and you’ll find it in the Sports & Action camera category. It’s called VanTop Moment 3.

Lots of Drones

You can buy all kinds of drones here as the selection is huge also in this product category. The drones with camera category feature over 1,000 items. The cheapest drones here with a good resolution camera (full HD) start at just $40. In total, they’ve got about 120 drones with either a full HD camera or a 4K camera at this time.

The cheapest 4K drones are just over $90.

Not to forget Groceries

Walmart is the winner when it comes to grocery sales in the US. Followed by Kroger. You can also buy groceries online at Walmart and pick them up at a convenient time for you. In certain markets, they can even deliver the groceries straight to your door.

You will find the link to the grocery section at the very top of their main navigation menu. When you are there the entire site will slightly change the design and the menu will show all the grocery categories instead. Walmart states on their website that they will always pick the freshest product for you else you can get your money back. They will also load the car for you – at no extra cost!

If you order before 1 PM you can pick it up the same day.

You will find food, household essentials, pet food, health & nutrition products, beauty & personal care items, and baby products in the grocery section of Walmart.

You will even find a decent selection of organic food here. This includes lots of organic fresh fruit and vegetables, a few organic types of meat, kids’ products, breakfast items, and more.

Walmart Services

At the Walmart services section, you can order things like furniture assembly and appliance installation. You can also read more about the Walmart Rewards MasterCard that offers great cashback when shopping at Walmart online and has other benefits as well.

You will also find auto services like tire installation and free auto battery installation, and more here.

Gifts and Personalized Items

At the photo and personalized shop, you can have fun and be creative while shopping gifts, jewelry, blankets, photo books, wedding invitations, and home decor.

Walmart gift finder
You can also use their gift finder with lots of options for finding the perfect gifts from under $25 to over $500.

If you prefer you can instead buy all kinds of gift cards here. This includes Spotify gift cards, Uber gift cards, gifts card, and much much more.

Celebrity Collaborations

Walmart has exclusive collections with various celebrities. Sofia Vergara, known from the Emmy-winning sitcom Modern Family, has created a collection with Walmart called, Sofia Jeans by Sofia Vergara. Another fun collaboration at Walmart is with Ellen DeGeneres, TV-host of the award-winning talk show, Ellen. The collaboration is called Ellen’s List. Here, Ellen DeGeneres shares her favorite products and gifts for special occasions, like Mother’s Day.

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